Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Meeting an Actor's Acquaintance

Hey y'all---I've got a question for y'all. If one were to approach the films of a particular actor, which one would be the best one to ease into her work? Especially when that actor is Marlon Brando?

You see, I had wanted to watch Last Tango in Paris, but after reading as many reviews as I could find and seeing a few clips and stills, something told me that Tango wouldn't be a good "intro" film into Brando's work. A couple of years ago I saw Burn! at a film screening that was part of a group study, and I really enjoyed that film. I saw The Young Lions on cable TV when I was in my late teens. I've tried to watch The Godfather before, but I didn't like it at all (maybe I need to watch it again).

Which Brando film would you suggest watching before seeing Tango? And please be careful, I haven't seen many of these films before, so don't spoil 'em for me!


Y. Carrington said...

By the way, this photo of Marlon was taken by Carl Van Vechten in 1948, and it's a fair use photo.

He sure fine, ain't he?

AradhanaD said...

you know I couldn't care what movie brando was in, as long as he was in it when he was young..... drool.....

*sigh* *sigh again* ahhhh

Anonymous said...

I'm sure by now you've seen On The Waterfront. But check out his portrayal of Mark Antony in Julius Caesar.